No longer reserved for the ultra-wealthy, this strategy can be used to supercharge your retirement!

Working in the Tax-Free Income and Retirement Planning realm. I have been providing valuable insight and strategies to families, friends and clients seeking greater Tax Saving benefits and Peace of mind for their future, family and retirement. Excellent yet simple strategies for Small Business owners, working professionals, those over funding Tax-Deferred accounts and seeking Tax-Free Retirement. Glad to chat and have a conversation here soon.

Pawel "Paul" Miekczynski CEP

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Risk-Free Growth

You can earn stock market gains without the stock market losses. Your account can never experience a loss no matter how much the stock market plummets.

Tax-Free Income

This strategy will provide tax-free income during your retirement years. Unlike "qualified" plans it will not be subject to a tax hike.

Cashflow You Can't Outlive

If set up properly, this strategy will provide income you can rely on year after year no matter how long you live.

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